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How can Best SEO Expert in Madaripur help you?

Website Audit

Best SEO Expert in Madaripur is a professional SEO Expert who can help you with an Advanced and Comprehensive Website Audit with Proper Recommendations that will help you to take proper decisions.

On-Page SEO

I have deep knowledge of On-Page SEO. I know all types of Title, URL, Meta description, image optimization, internal, external link setup, and keyword paraphrasing for the article.

Off-Page SEO

I know the Google algorithm and ranking factors in detail. So, I can create a proper niche-related link building like Guest posting, directory Submission, Citation building, and so on.

Clients We Worked With

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Have a Project on your mind?

I can help you to generate more organic traffic and make more profit. So, let’s talk about what I can assist and raise together.

Best SEO Expert in Madaripur

Let us together build a rising and talented business

When connected with the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur, you aren’t the only one of your business. I will back you and put in my best effort to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are looking for such a person who helps you build a good internet presence and bring in more traffic and revenue, I am the ultimate one!

Why Taher Ali is the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur 2023

Many people search on Google to know who the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur is and it is true that if they want to get organic traffic and generate more profit, they have to do it.

Are you doing business in the Madaripur district?

Trying heart and soul to make a profit but couldn’t?

Don’t worry!

SEO Guru BD is always with you.

Just come and talk with the Best SEO expert in Madaripur. You will only provide me with your niche, and your website. Then stay cool!





You have reached a perfect place. Here all things will be done by the perfect SEO Guru to generate an organic result and make a desirable profit for your business!

There are many SEO Agencies in Bangladesh, even in Madaripur.

Of course, from their point of view, they will say that they are the best overall.

But how?

Without any evidence, it is very difficult to say who is exactly the better one.

That’s why the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur will explain the whole SEO Process step by step to probe me as the genuine SEO Expert in Madaripur.

All you know is that SEO work is not a matter of day one or two. It is a long process to follow. Some specific rules must be followed to rank on Google.

Ranking Process of SEO Expert in Madaripur

That’s why I will explain the whole SEO Process step by step to probe myself as the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur.

All you know is that SEO work is not a matter of day one or two. It is a long process to follow. Some specific rules must be followed to rank on Google.

At present, there are near about two hundred Google Ranking Factors.

So, if anyone tells you that, they will rank your site within a day or two.

Then certainly they are either giving you a false assurance or will take such a way that is Black Hat SEO.

Here I am different from the rest of the so-called SEO experts in Dhaka, as I always follow the White Hat SEO technique.

So, there is no way to be punished by Google as an SEO professional, Best SEO Expert in Madaripur knows all kinds of Google algorithms and their ranking factors.

So, Make a Hurry!

How do I proceed?

First Step of SEO Expert in Madaripur

Firstly, I research the focusing keyword to check the overall situation of your niche such as keyword difficulties, search volume, competitor analysis, etc.

If everything is okay, then go for the next step.

Check the On-Page and Technical condition of a website.

To check the On Page condition, the Best SEO expert in Madaripur normally prefers SEO Quake which is a fantastic Google Extension.

Here URL, Title Tag, Meta description, image alt tag, and Internal and External links are being checked.

If all these go with the SEO Guide, then I like to take the step for the Technical part which is a must at present to get the ranking of a site.

Many so-called SEO Experts don’t pay attention to this technical part of Search Engine Ranking factors.

It is nothing but diving into a pond.

Here Madaripur SEO Guru is different as I fix all types of technical parts like Indexing, crawling, XML sitemap generation, site structure, site loading speed, schema generation, canonical tag setup, and so on.

Vital Ranking Part of Best SEO Expert in Madaripur

After finishing all types of required On-Page and Technical parts, I feel comfortable going on with Of Page SEO which is also called Link-building.


What is this?

You may ask such a kind question, as you are new here.

But don’t be afraid!

As the Best SEO Expert in Madaripur, I will explain it in detail.

What is Off-Page SEO?

It is the most important part to inform the whole world that, you have a site. Here link building is the main process.

To acquire perfect results, I go with Google, so that it does not understand we are forcing Google to rank our site.

If Google understands that, we are forcing him to rank our site in its SERPs.

Then, you must be sure that you will get a punishment from Google.

That’s the main fact!

Stay safe, Buddy.

Everything has both a good and bad side.

As the Best SEO expert in Madaripur follows Google rules, there is no chance of a threat from Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Pipilika, etc.

Though Link building is important it does not say that you will create unlimited link building without examining the quality.

Always keep in mind that, for link building, quality is more important than quantity.

A backlink is one kind of power from which a site can get link juice if it is do-follow and DA, and PA are comparatively better.

So, our intention has to be reached with a quality site.

Among all guest posting is the best as Google and other search engines give priority to it.

Besides this, directory submission, web 2.0, forum posting, or profile backlink is also important.

That’s why I always focus on this type of linking.

But if your target is only your local area, then citation or local listing is very important for you.

For this reason, I try to use this opportunity successfully taking consent from my client if he tries to generate profit only from the local area.

It does not mean that citation is not important for national or international business.

It is always important.

To get more traffic On-page SEO is important but to monitor your overall result, you have to be aware of indexing your site on Google Search Console and if you add your site to Google Analytics, then your traffic tracking will be perfect.

So, never ignore these two.

Be serious!

If everything goes well but your content is not informative at all, then your all efforts will go in vain.

Because content is king and Google always likes information.

So, finally, as the Best SEO expert in Madaripur, I can say that try to rich your content and follow all On-Page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO techniques, and then there is no need to be tense at all.