Why Taher SEO Guru is the Best SEO Expert in BD 2023

Complete Ranking Process of Best SEO Expert in BD

In this post, I will show you how can I get rank on Google by which you can confirm me as an SEO Expert. If you want to better rank on Google in 2022, you should follow what the Best SEO Expert in BD does.

Improve On-Page

You have to give top priority to the On-Page SEO to improve your Google rankings. If you try, you can optimize your page within 5 minutes and start to see a ranking within a few days. But the question is:

How do you optimize your website with your targeted keywords?

Don’t worry! If you continue to go with this article, here Best SEO Expert in BD will show you the best on-page tactics to implement for the organic result.

First, make sure that your targeted keyword is at the very beginning of your title tag.

Why is it so important?

Google usually puts more emphasis on the term that shows up early in your title and it puts less stress on the keyword that shows up later on.

Say, for example, my targeted keyword is “Best SEO Service Provider in Madaripur”:

If you look, you will see that my title tag started with that keyword.

Second, try to make your content above 2000 words.

We have found from Google’s key ranking factors that the average Google 1st page result contains nearly 1,500 words.

The best SEO Expert in BD can assure you from my experience that longer content gives the rank best in search engines.

This is why I make sure my page covers all things that anyone wants to know about optimizing their desired site.

It is also true that there are times when long-form content doesn’t make sense and don’t get perfect result.

But long content is not so difficult. If you try, you can publish long content.

Finally, set your keywords 3-4 on your page.

This isn’t keyword stuffing at all.

Rather, you add relevant content to your page, you tell Google that:

“This page is related to this search query!!”

Which can certainly help you to get a nice ranking?

I recently tried to improve my rankings for the keyword “Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh”.

I gave the exact time to set On-Page properly and I got the result as well.

Very nice!

Best SEO Expert in BD Monitor Technical SEO

According to the Best SEO Expert in BD, Technical SEO is a vital point of a website.

It is said that:

Technical SEO problems can hurt your site’s ranking.

So It’s a must and worth paying attention to.

Specifically, you have to keep in your mind three things:

The first thing is, to double-check your site speed to optimize 100% for mobile devices. 

Because at present maximum users are visiting sites from any kind of mobile device now.

But it is very easy to check your mobile optimization.

There are huge resources online to check your site speed. You just go to a site and put your site URL.

If you see all are green, then it’s okay.

But if not, then you have to fix it as early as possible.

Another thing, the Best SEO Expert in BD will recommend to you that is to check your site loading speed.

My experience says Page Speed is too important to currently rank a site on Google. 

Just open your eyes and you will find a lot of site speed tools to check.

These are all free and anyone can use them to speed up their site.

Next is, Google Search Console.

Index your site properly HERE.

If there is any problem with indexing any site, then Google will normally show you.

You will see a warning if there is an error.

But it is not a matter of fixing this error.

If you find lots of red errors, then the Best SEO Expert in BD will suggest you solve the problem the right way.

Finally, if you use WordPress, then I will recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin or Rank Math plugin. 

What do you think?

These plugins will improve your site ranking magically?

Of course not!

But it will help to make your site SEO-friendly.

That’s it.

Write Informative Content

Content is King.

So, it is a must to have high-quality content to get a better rank on Google.

Google loves only information.

But how do you understand quality?

Yes, of course, there are some criteria to check the quality of the content.

If you write high-quality content and link to it, you will see, that people will share your content on various social media.

That’s because the Google algorithm likes backlinks and Best SEO Expert in BD also.

Though Backlinks are important for Google ranking, you have to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Focus on Long-Form Content

Long-form content is better for Search Engine Ranking. So, the Best SEO Expert in BD always focuses on this.

Publish Visual Content

Visual Content means the content where infographics, Maps, Charts, Flowcharts, and Videos are presented and this is great for linking.

Reduce Bounce Rate

My next step is to improve my site’s Bounce Rate.


Because, Search Engine like Google doesn’t like to see people landing on a page, and then quickly bouncing back to the search SERPs.                     

This indicates to Google that people aren’t happy with your site. And if that happens, you have to say bye-bye to your ranking.

So, the Best SEO Expert in BD emphasizes more on reducing the bounce rate of my site. 

Do you have to identify the reason why users would bounce?

To improve it, you have to focus on LCP, FID, and CLS.

My experience says people decide to bounce or not bounce largely on the above.

Site structure is also vital.

If your page is so easy for people to find what they’re looking for, then you are okay.

Select Long-Tail

You know about keywords but do you know about Long-Tail keywords?

This is the most secret of my Google ranking factors.

As a perfect SEO Guru, I can research the focus keyword properly and then set a keyword to rank easily on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Here, the million-dollar question is, how do I rank on the SERPs?

Without any pretend, the Best SEO Expert in BD says, the answer is choosing a Long-Tail Keyword.

So, if you have a dream to rank on Google, then close your eyes and stop for a while and think!

Then, open your eyes and select a Long-Tail Keyword and it will make your task 50% easier for ranking!

How will you choose that?

Use a modifier with your focus keyword and try to add your business location with a modifier and it will aid you to get a perfect Long-Tail Keyword for your web pages.

SEO Guru BD Build Relevant Backlinks

Remember, publishing informative content is great and all.

But for the content to get links, visitors need to see it.

In other words:

It does not mean that you will publish content and pray to get links from people.

The best SEO Expert in BD thinks more than hundreds of millions of new posts come every month to the internet era.

So, if you want people to link to your website, you need to actively promote your article.

Though you don’t need all types of backlinks, you have to focus on some important techniques.

Don’t be frustrated!

SEO Guru BD will share it in detail.

Guest Posting

Among all kinds of backlinks, guest posting is the most effective way in 2022, as most of the backlinks from the guest blog are do-follow.

If you can manage guest post links from a highly authoritative niche-related site, then it will create huge value for your site.

But if you spam to get guest posting links, then it will damage your site instead of getting it.

Never try to influence Google to rank by keyword stuffing.

As long as your backlink is natural and everything is okay, that’s great! 

Domain authority is very important for guest posting.

So, before selecting to get a link from guest posting, you have to check the DA of the site so that your link can pass juice for your site.

Web 2.0 Link Building:

This is another type of link-building that I prefer to do.

Though many so-called SEO experts deny the value of web 2.0 site links I still like them as I get huge organic traffic through them. 

Remember, link juice is important but you can’t say that every link must pass link juice.

Because no-follow links also have values in the search engine like Google. 

The do-follow, no-follow link ratio must be 70-30.

Do you think I do only these two types of link building?

Of course not!

There are many other types of link building like directory submission, local citation, Profile backlink, forum posting, blogging, infographic submission, article, audio, video, image, slide, PPT submission, and so on.

I will explain these all in another post.

Track and Monitor the Results

Monitoring is always great.

You do all for your site and don’t track and monitor it properly; you can’t expect a better result in time!

How do I do this?

There are huge tools online to track and monitor the site’s results.

But The best SEO Expert in BD prefers to do it manually.

As this is vital for ranking properly, you can follow me.

Here I will show you how I track my site’s results like a pro. 

Google Analytics is the best for Organic Traffic

Traffics are always great but if you get it through an Organic way, that’s fantastic.

It also helps to identify traffic sources on various parameters.

Tracking Google rankings has its place. But the gold standard of SEO tracking is organic traffic.

Search Console “Impressions” and “Clicks”

This is maybe an excellent complement to the Google Analytics organic traffic report I just talked about above.

The report of the Search Console shows us how many people visit my website.

And among them how many people CLICKED on my site?

We always expect that more people will visit our site and click on my website.

Leads and Sales

The ultimate goal is to make a profit.

But if we desire to get a huge ROI from SEO, we need to know the system of how all these new visitors will be turned into customers.

Though there are thousands of ways to track this.

But the Best SEO Expert in BD’s favorite choice is the Goals feature in Google Analytics.

In a word, that’s what I use here is to monitor which pages are generating the most email subscribers for me.

Use Internal Linking

Expect to improve your Google rankings.

No tension

Use internal links properly.

This means, linking FROM one page TO another page on your site.

If you can properly set up your internal linking from one page to another, then people will stay on your site to get more information.

As a result, your site bounce rate will decrease and all of us know that bounce rate is one of the most important factors of Google ranking.

So to increase the page rank of a website I add an internal link to that page so that the Search Engine gives more priority to it.

Use External Linking

Like internal linking, the Best SEO Expert in BD thinks external linking is also very important.

External linking means linking an external domain to your site.

Most SEO Guru believe that external linking is the most ranking source of a website.

Search Engines like Google; consider external link pass link equity differently than internal linking as it takes this third-party vote.

That’s why every time; I use the external link of my web pages properly.

So, these are the all steps that I follow and do to get a Search Engine ranking.


I believe you enjoyed a lot of my full process of ranking higher on Google.

The best SEO Expert in BD always gives priority to my visitors to hear from them.

So, feel free to mention to me what you thought to do to get a perfect result for a website and organic traffic.

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